About the Nashville Business Directory

So what is a Business Directory, anyway?

A printed listing or website that lists information of all businesses under some category is known as a business directory. Size, activity, location, or ‘by business’ are categories that businesses are categorized into. Automated online search software can compile the businesses or it may be done manually. For example, traditional phone books and also online yellow and white pages are types of business directories.

The information listed by business directories will usually differ from business to business, and also from directory to directory. The business name, phone number, address, professional groups and associations, service region, number of employees and staff, and even the types of products or services of the business might be information included in the listing. User reviews, feedback, and comment sections are also included by some directories – especially since the importance of online reviews have grown. With the emergence of the internet, many directories have upgraded to online websites, whereas the past printed formats were the standard. For example, after many years, the Nashville Business Directory has converted to an online version. In the near future, we will be completely phasing out our printed directory as a means of saving money, since our directory does not accept payment for being listed.

Premium options and also complimentary listings are offered by several business directories. Of the numerous active business directories, some directories have transitioned to online directories leaving traditional printed formats. Business directories often contain search facilities, though are not search engines.

What about a link directory?
A link directory or web directory is a directory that can be found on the internet (aka the World Wide Web). Collections of data are organized into categories. It works by categorizing the its links through linking to outside websites. Web directories list websites by subcategory and category, unlike a search engine that using keywords to display its results and lists of websites. The majority of entries in web directories are found by human, not by web crawlers. Categorization is typically based on the entire website versus just a single page or group of keywords and often sites will be limited to only be included in a small number of categories. Editors of web directories will often review submissions from site owners to include their sites for fitness.

What exactly is the Nashville Business Directory?
We are a combination of these two categories, but we are based upon the editorial choices of our staff. Our goal is to have a directory of high quality businesses that are hand-selected by our local staff here in Nashville. Our goal is to support “Local” by highlighting and detailing businesses located in Middle Tennessee.

What does it cost to be included in the Nashville directory?
Nothing. We do not accept money to be added to our directory. Our team selects businesses that we feel represent our goal of supporting locally owned and operated small businesses in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. However, if you would like us to review or consider your business for our Nashville listings, please submit your business here.